Having an Adventure in the British Virgin Islands

Now that the vacations are approaching, it’s time to find the next destination for an adventure holiday. If you haven’t already decided on a place to visit, why not choose the Caribbean? And, in particular, head over to the British Virgin Islands. Not only will you be able to stay in a luxurious virgin gorda waterfront villa but you’ll also be able to go diving and get the sense of having a real adventure. Here’s everything a potential tourist should know before they visit the Caribbean’s hottest destination.

Why Choose the British Virgin Islands as an Adventure Destination?

If you read any brochure on the British Virgin Islands, you’ll find articles describing their unparalleled luxury, laid-back atmosphere and lush accommodation. What most fail to say is that out of their 40 or so islands, atolls and reefs, only a small percentage are inhabited. What this means for the adventurous is that it’s pretty straightforward to get from the main islands and explore theemptyones a little further afield. Just picture roaming around the sand with nobody else on the island. Or what about snorkelling in the shallows where it’s just you and the marine life. And best of all, the islands only started to gain traction as a tourist destination around the 1960s. This relative lack of visitors has retained the islands less commercialised feel.

Practical Information Before You Arrive

If you’re already in the Caribbean, it’s easy to get to the British Virgin Islands. Regular seaplanes connect the different islands in a fast and safe manner. But those who are coming from further afield might experience one or two difficulties and will need to be both patient and flexible. Few long-haul flights travel directly from Europe to the British Virgin Islands which means you should expect a long trip with connections. The same is true for the United States and Canada. While this shouldn’t be a problem andisn’t a reason to deter any future visitors, it should be a consideration.

When you arrive, you’ll probably need to take a boat from the airport on the main island to the place where you’re staying. Regular ferries link the islands to the more tourist-friendly Virgin Gorda and cost a mere few dollars one way. Getting around the islands is straightforward too. Rent a car and self-drive to explore the very best of the islands, their beauty and hidden gems at your own time and cost. Nothing can provide the sense of an adventure quite like the chance to roam at your own will. Other options including using taxis. But this isn’t a good idea. Not only are they expensive and not as available as other countries but they take away your freedom. Expect decent quality road with relatively few cars.

Activities for the Adventurous

Before jumping into the best adventure activities, it’s worth pointing out that if you stay on Virgin Gorda, the island’s capital Spanish Town is the place to be. Spanish Town is quite small in size compared to other capitals,and you can walk around it in less than 20 minutes. But while it isn’t the best place to hang out to get the adrenaline pumping, it does act as a hub for restaurants, bars and entertainment. If you fancy a night out, this town is the place to visit.

As soon as you arrive on the islands and drop your bags, get out onto the beach. Favourite activities include relaxing and unwinding on the almost empty sand, snorkelling, diving, and night fishing. Expect the long stretch of shoreline to be separated by boulders and to follow short trails from the parking area to reach the beach. For the best views, head up to Gorda Peak in the centre of the island rising to almost 400 metres. Most people drive to the top to enjoy the sunrise, sunset or its stunning views. But it’s also possible to follow one of two trails to reach the viewing platform. The adventurous almost always choose the second option as it gives them the chance to go jungle trekking. Keep your eyes open to find the wildlife and bring enough water!

Staying Safe in the British Virgin Islands

Fortunately, the British Virgin Islands doesn’t face the same safety concerns as some of the other islands in the Caribbean. Rather than have to worry about robbery or theft, yourmost significantconcern is getting into trouble when you’re out on the water. Much of the British Virgin Islands have a family feel rather than the dangers found in some of the other places in the Caribbean. Visitors are free to walk around at any time of the day or night without the worry of falling victim to crime. This is good news for the adventurous tourist as it means you can travel to the secluded spots and enjoy the difficult to reach places without worrying about anything.

As mentioned above, the only real issue with safety that you might encounter is at your risk. If you want to go snorkelling, make sure the water is still and that there aren’t any rip currents below the surface. The same is true for diving. Put your safety above anytype of experience. Stay hydrated and keep out of the sun too.

Having the Ultimate Adventure

Now that you know the essentials about visiting the British Virgin Islands, why not start planning your adventure today? Those who do will find long stretches of coastline, uninhabited islands, endless diving spots and the chance to have a real Caribbean adventure without the worry or concerns on other islands.